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Fractured Families and Fresh Solutions


Child Development for Family Law Professionals, presented by Mindy Mitnick

View from the Bench: Judicial Panel: Hon. Judge Anne Hirsch, Hon. Judge Jesse Reeves, Hon. Judge Helen Halpert (ret.), & Hon. Comm. Jackie Jeske. Moderators: Daniel Rybicki and Stacy Heard

Breakout Sessions

Improving Your Interviewing Skills, Part I by Mindy Mitnick and Part II by Mindy Mitnick & Daniel Rybicki

Stop Reacting and Start Responding: Help for DV and Trauma Survivors by Judge Hirsch & Janice Garceau

Considerations in Developing Parenting Plans for Special Needs Children: Focus on Autism Spectrum and ADHD by Christen Carson & Tye Hunter

GAL and Parenting Evaluation Work Product Review: Expert Testimony and Quality Assurance by Rybicki & Gary Wieder

How Trauma Influences Family Law Litigation by Rebecca M. Stahl and Jennifer Wheeler

Professional Risk Management in Dealing with Domestic Relations Cases by Ramona Hunter and Landon Poppleton

Implications of Technology and Social Media for Domestic Violence and Family Court Cases by Matt Havrevold and Judge Sandy Karlan

Sixth Annual Conference


High Conflict Parents: Making and Following Parenting Plans, presented by Bill Eddy

Embracing the Young Child: Parenting Plans that Stimulate Growth, by Dr. Marsha Kline Pruett

Breakout Sessions

Pragmatics of a Developmental Systems Approach to Parenting Plans: Panel: Rybicki, Pruett, Buie, and Eddy

Attorney and Parenting Evaluator: Collaboration to Best Serve the Modern Family, by Wheeler and Heard

Protecting Children From Conflict, by Jones and Ander

Unsolvable Problems: Relocation in the 21st Century, by Becker

Crafting Age-Appropriate Parenting Plans, by Sedell and Wheeler

Same-Sex Parenting: Legal Questions, Research Needs an Practical Solutions, by Oderberg, Shaub, and Kevetter

Shared Parenting Predicaments: Washington’s Policy and Practice Concerns


Shared Parenting in the 21st Century: How Law and Culture Shape Child Custody, presented by J. Herbie DiFonzo

Special Needs of Never Married Parents, by Mindy Mitnick

Perspectives on Parenting Coordination and Other Innovations for High Conflict Cases, by Christine Coates

Breakout Sessions

Parenting Plans in Practice: Best Available Evidence, by Carl McCurly

Interface Between Family Law and Criminal Law, by Paul Battan

Moving Families Forward: a Coordinated Re-Unification Response to Parental Alienation, Estrangement and High Conflict Family Situations, by Alyson Jones, Saba Golchin, Rebecca Smyth, and Rob Croezen

Frontiers of Family Law


Deconstructing Child Custody Evaluations, presented by Philip Stahl and Stacy Heard

Using Decision Trees in Complex Custody Evaluations, by Leslie Drozd

Breakout Sessions

Minimizing Confirmatory Bias in Custody Evaluations, by G.H. Andrew Benjamin, Daniel Rybicki, and Dennis J. McGlothin

Using a Sex-Pert, by Jennifer Keilin and Jennifer Wheeler

Brains on Conflict: How the Science of Danger and Relationship Inform Conflict Resolvers, by Mark Baumann, J.D.

Updates on Relocation Assessment: Mental Health and Legal Perspectives, Regional Guidelines and Larger Body of Research Informed Paradigms, by Philip Stahl, Leslie Drozd, and Stacy Heard

Challenges of Risk Assessment in Custody Cases Involving Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse, by Jeff Lee

The Pros and Cons of Shared Parenting: Current Research and Implications for Practice, by Lynn Fainsilber Katz, Jennifer Wheeler, and Wendy Hutchins-Cook

Pinnacles of Practice in Times of Challenge


Violence Risk in the Post-Powell Era, presented by Dr. Manny Tau

Judicial Panel: View from the Bench: Hon. James Doerty, Hon. Jean Rietschel, Hon. Anna Lauire, and Com. Richard Adamson (ret.)

Breakout Sessions

Predatory Behaviors and Digital Malice, by Dr. Manny Tau

Voice of the Child: Child Specialist, by Lynne Smith

International Relocation: Special Expertise, Role of Mental Health, and Competing Criteria, by Leslie Shear

Best Practice Standards for GAL and Psychologists Conducting Parenting Evaluations, by David Hodges, Natalie Novick-Brown, and Melanie English

Working with Never Married Parents, by Mindy Mitnick

Child Informed Mediation Study, by Robin Ballard

Reunification: Problems and Pitfalls to Possibilities and Potential, by Bruce Harshman

Training Couples in Conflict for Co-parenting: Using Technology and Neuroscience, by Donald Gordon

Systemic Solutions for Families in Crisis

Pre-Conference Institute

Nuts and Bolts of Parenting Coordination, presented by Matthew Sullivan

MaKiN iT riGht: Family Court through the Child’s Eyes, by Gary Schreiner and Michele Unsworth

Abusive Use of Abusive Use of Conflict and Visitation Resistance Issues, by Daniel Rybicki and  Dr. Wendy Hutchins-Cook (discussant).

Solution Focused Legal Services, Unbundled Legal Assistance, by Carol Bailey  and Monica Chin

New Innovations in Collaborative Family Law, by Felicia Malsby and Karen Bonnell


A Look Back and a Look Forward: Perspectives from the Highest State Bench, by Hon. J. Gerry Alexander, WA Supreme Ct.

Court Ordered Therapy, by Matthew Sullivan

Drawing Conclusions for Parenting Plans: Update on the Research, by Kathryn Kuehnle and Leslie Drozd

Protective Gatekeeping in Custody Cases involving Intimate Partner Violence or Alienation, by William Austin, Leslie Drozd, and Nancy Olesen

Assessing the Risk for Violence in Child Custody Evaluations, by Landon Poppleton and Steve Tutty

Passport Restrictions and Other 191 Limitation Factors in Relocation and International Travel: A Review of Katare, by Catherine W. Smith

Guardian Ad Litem: Coast to Coast Comparison and Innovations, by David Hodges, Robert Zibbell, and Daniel Rybicki

Utilizing Empirical Research in Custody Assessments, by Landon Poppleton, Jeffery Lee, and Christina Lyons

Divorce Minefields and Milestones: Interdisciplinary Resources and Routes to Resolution


Gatekeeping and Alienation, presented by Dr. Marsha Hedrick

Thorny Issues in Family Law: Investigating Allegations of Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Substance Abuse, by Daniel Rybicki

View from the Bench – Issues, Concerns, Ideas for the Future: Judicial Panel: Judge Paula Casey with input from Comm. Les Ponomarchuk, Judge Paula Casey, Judge James Orlando, and Judge Patricia Clark

Parenting Coordinators, Case Managers, Special Masters for Resolving Family Conflict: Introductions and Comparisons Across Counties, Panel Discussion: Frances Kevetter (moderator), Karin Ballantyne, Judge Paula Casey, and Dr. Landon Poppleton

Preventing Ethics Complaints: Compliance with Professional Standards and Guidelines for Practice, by Andrew Benjamin, with Daniel Rybicki and Marsha Hedrick

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